From My Journal..

Broken Record

Solemnly I lie here, because I know it’s all a joke, From the moment you laid eyes on me to the very words you spoke, Put me on a pedestal, too tall for me to see, Never expecting me to live up to what you wanted me to be, You put me on the player and you took me for a spin, All the while I let myself believe this couldn’t happen again, Played me like a record, so perfect and so sweet, Never imagined you’d be the one who’d learn to lie and cheat, Hoped for so long that something would prove to last, Regardless of my struggles, regardless of my past, Wishing for just one person to prove they’re not all the same, I’m done getting hurt, done playing this game, You put me on a player and you took me for a spin, Well not anymore, not ever again.

❤ Webster

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