From My Journal..

For Just One Second

Give me your eyes just for a second so I can make you see, All that’s been done here, everything you’ve done to me, Look my way for just a second, so you can see just what he’s done to you, So I can show you what to do, Why can’t you see what he’s done, why can’t you realize what he’s destroyed, Please don’t continue to sit there when I can see that you’re annoyed, Be the man I know you can be and fix what you let go, Give me your eyes for one minute so you know how much you hurt me, All I want is you to know, Step into my shoes, but don’t try to run, Even as watching you fall would be my idea of fun, Don’t let him do this, don’t let him ruin you, Give me your eyes for just one minute so I can show you what you do, So I can take you back to when you held my hand, Maybe then for just one second you will understand, Just help me believe it was all his fault, for it can’t be yours, You would never hurt me like this, you said you’d never leave me behind this closed door, Lend me your eyes for just one second so you can help me to see, Help me to understand why you’ve done this to me, Look into my eyes, like you used to do back then,  Give me your heart for just one more second, so that I can feel like me again.

❤ Webster

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