From My Journal..

If I Were to Die Today

If I were to die today, would you shed your tears? Would you look back on your time spent with me and cherish all those years? Would you glance at my picture as tears streamed down your face? Or would you bring your heart to remember that I’m in a better place? If I were to fade away, become a phantom from your past, Would you acknowledge me or hide from the shadows that I cast? Would you cherish and celebrate the time I spent here? Or would you throw me away as if I was an unwanted fear? If I told you after today, you’d never see me again, Would you lie in your warm bed at night and dream of the places we’ve been? Would you crave to rewind time just to feel my presence like so many times before? Or would you let your restless mind wonder just so you won’t hurt anymore? If I were to die today, would you regret all the times you hurt me? Would you feel remorse for all the times you weren’t the man you were supposed to be? Would you wish you had told me what had always been on your mind? Or would you see it fit to just leave that all behind? If I told you, you would lose a friend today, would you ask me why? Would you care enough to get an explanation, or would you simply wave goodbye? Would I have mattered enough to you to make you appreciate what you once had? Or would you ignore my memory, the good and the bad? If I were to die today, Would you simply smile and trust that I’m okay? Would you finally grow up and be the man you never told anyone you wanted to be? Or would I have to die, before you’d admit that you had ever loved me?

❤ Webster

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