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Crispy Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches


Nothing flies off the table faster than these pork tenderloin sandwiches and the best part is they are SUPER easy to make! Just a reminder…I never measure so just pour and pray!

What you’ll need:

1 package pork cutlets

1 egg


All-purpose flour


Garlic salt, table salt and black pepper

Butter (softened)

Garlic and herb bread crumbs

Hamburger buns and all the fixin’s!

Where to start:

Start by combining one egg and milk. Whisk together, set aside. 

 Then combine flour, cornstarch, bread crumbs and seasonings in a bowl/10 gallon bag (about 2 parts cornstarch and 1 part flour). Put enough breadcrumbs in the mixture so you can see them throughout. I prefer using the 10-gallon bag BUT friendly warning, make sure your bag doesn’t have any malfunctions or issues with the zipper. I learned this the hard way.. flour everywhere!

Next, take the cutlets right out of the package (dont worry if they are bot entirely thawed out, this actually makes them easier to flour and less likely to fall apart) and place one by one in egg wash (an egg and some milk wisked) and then into your flour mixture in a bowl/bag, flip them over a few times to make sure they are coated. Repest once and set aside.

Whisk some milk and 1 egg in a bowl and dip cutlets in the mix and then place them back in your bag/bowl of dry mix and coat a second time. Then it’s time to fry them.

Next gently drop cutlets in hot oil in skillet on medium heat. Fry until golden brown flipping often to avoid uneven cooking (usually about six- eight minutes per side).

I usually let the cutlets rest on either a slotted baking sheet or a cooking rack to allow extra oil to drain off and to avoid the crust sticking to my paper towel lined serving dish. I let rest for about five minutes per side.


These are best served on toasted hamburger buns. I just butter them and place them face down in a skillet on medium heat until golden brown.

Finally, add all your favorite toppings (I like mine with a lot of real mayo and pickles, lettuce, tomato and red onion)…enjoy! 🙂


❤ Webster

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