Women and Race: An Examination of the Death Penalty Throughout American History

A preview of what’s to come!






Table of Contents


Women as Killers

  1. American Serial Killer: Aileen Wuornos
  2. The Greenlease Kidnapping

Women on Death Row

  1. Changing the Message of the Death Penalty via State Sanctioned

     Suicide: Christina Riggs

  1.   A Brief History of the Execution of Women
  2. Methods of Execution Pertaining to Women
  3.   Gender Disparity of the Death Penalty
  4. Death Row Conditions

Race and the Death Penalty

  1. The “Lynching Era”
  2. Racial disparity and the Death Penalty
  3. Rape and the Death Penalty

Supreme Court Cases Regarding Race

  1. McCleskey v. Kemp
  2. Furman v. Georgia


  1.      Lessons Learned from the Study of Women and Race






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