From My Journal..


Our shoes. That’s what I thought about before we walked out the door this morning.

Not “do they match my outfit?” “Did he pick out ones that matched his shirt?” Or “Did he tie them?” Today it was “I can’t run in these.” And if I can’t run, I can’t protect my son. At least he has tennis shoes on, at least he can run.

Once I realized what I was contemplating everything stopped for me. I just went and hugged my baby. Because I can’t be certain we will make it home from the grocery store. A concert, school, airport, movie theater, or work. This is the world we live in.

There will never be a permanent solution to preventing terror attacks and mass shootings. The bad guys will always get the guns, bombs, knives, you name it. Letting maniacs and terrorists run our lives is not freedom- fear is a liar. Call me ignorant or “part of the problem” but before I left I made sure my pistol was loaded, and I wore those sandals.

It’s time to be prepared- not scared.

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