Coffee and Cobblestone

Get $55 off with AIRBNB when you create a new account and book using my link :)

If you don’t have Airbnb and have never stayed with them, please use my link! Using this link will get you a $55 travel credit for your stay when you book your room with Airbnb anywhere in the world. After, you book, refer your friends for $30 off your bookings! happy traveling!
Please note I am NOT paid by AirbNb nor was I asked to solicit business for them. I simply enjoy traveling and as this is a travel blog, I wanted to extend this discount. Plus, the travel credits help me continue to travel and conduct research.
Posted below are photos of one of our AirbNb stays in Eureka Springs, AR and since Eureka is a very popular destination post on this blog, it seemed appropriate. Check out the private hot tub and killer prices! And yes, we got this whole cottage for $140/night. 

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