Cheryl’s Cancer and Travel Fund

As some of you know, my sweet mom has been diagnosed with cancer in her jaw bone. Sarcomas are very rare as only around 3,000 people are diagnosed with the disease per year. After a chest X-ray today, it seems that her lungs are worse and we are trying to remain hopeful that the cancer has not spread. She also needs surgery on her thyroid for a separate issue.

In order to get the best care for this type of cancer, she has been referred to University of Kansas Medical Center for treatment. This means that we will be traveling to KC often. Due to COVID-19, the hotel once offered to visiting cancer patients and their families for free has been shut down. This means all of the expenses for both care and travel falls on my mom. This morning we were advised that it is likely we will need to stay in KC for weeks at a time. Because mom lives off of social security, this is devastating. This fund is set up to help supplement travel expenses and treatment bills. No gift is too little and we appreciate all your support.

Anyone who knows my mom knows she is the sweetest woman. She would give you the shirt off her back. Now, she needs our help. If you can’t donate, we sincerely understand. Times are tough. Please do share this fundraiser and pray for healing and peace during this difficult time.

Donate to her GoFundMe page, here.

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