Gender Studies

In my first semester of graduate school, I took a gender theory class which changed my perspective on so many aspects of queer history and gender studies. By sharing book reviews, term papers, and some analysis, my hope is that A- books on LGBTQ history will be read to achieve a better understanding of the LGBTQ community environment, which has been present since the dawn of time, and B- that it opens some eyes to the varying relationships, both personal and communal, that gay and transgender men and women became apart of even before they were widely or publically discussed in the United States. However, gender studies encompass far more than LGBTQ history and will include works on the history of masculinity, feminism, gender roles, rights, the concept of mastery, race, and how these things, in combination, changed or affected the outcomes of major historical periods and events. I hope you enjoy these works and please feel free to leave feedback, and don’t forget to share with other readers.


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Women’s Suffrage Photos- Smithsonian

New York Museum: Transgender in New York

Cripple Creek Mining History

Civil War Contraband Camps

That’s so Gay: Outing Early America