From My Journal..

I Just Want You Gone

I hear you loud and clear, slithering through all your excuses, thinking that all these sweet words will suffice as conclusive. You say you’re so sad and sick and I believe half of that is right, you say you mean no trouble, then why do you bring the fight? You are a walking lie, a poor excuse even for a sin, you would have never realized what you lost if I had let you in again. So tell me all those reasons why you deserve me back, give me all your cleaver ways you are making up for what you lack. You’re so grief-stricken it doesn’t even allow you to see, that’s because deep down in your heart you know you’ll keep paying for all the things you have done to me. Listen to your skin sizzle as the water burns, don’t give a damn what you think happened for that’s not my concern. That’s just what happens when good people are the ones hurt, the ones you lie and cheat on, the ones you dessert. So tell me one more time what you think you deserve, plead for your forgiveness and I’ll try my best to act like it’s not throwing me for a curve. As you finish your rebuttal, I’ll fight back a laugh, I’ll only say this one more time before I lose my cool, I don’t want you back, absolutely no exception to the rule. So take your sorry words somewhere where they are cared about, I don’t want anymore empty words or ‘made to be broken’ promises, I just want you out.
❤ Webster

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