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Ham and Swiss Pasta with Snow Peas

So, while rummaging through the cabinets this afternoon, trying to decide what to make with the gigantic ham I got on sale a week ago, I stumbled upon this concoction- and boy is it good. All I did was gather left over ingredients from the fridge which included a half a block of cream cheese, Swiss deli slices left over from sandwich fixings, left over frozen peas and kraft powdered parm cheese. This is how I made it.

(For those of you who are new here, I don’t measure anything so just pour and pray!)

What you’ll need:

Ham (I used on the bone and diced it but I’m sure any kind will work fine)

Swiss cheese slices

Block of cream cheese

Garlic; minced and powder

Onion powder


Frozen snow peas

Penne pasta

Parm cheese (if desired)

First throw some butter, the cream cheese, and minced garlic in a skillet. Let melt and combine until smooth.

Then add some milk- how ever much it takes to make the sauce to your liking.

Add snow peas, onion and garlic powder, and diced ham to sauce and let simmer- stir frequently.

Place slices of Swiss cheese in the sauce and combine until melted. (I just put whole deli slices in the sauce and whisked it in)

Cook penne pasta in desperate pot.

Combine pasta and sauce and enjoy! (Add parm on top if you like!)

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