Coffee and Cobblestone

Ride electric scooters with us through the National Mall (short film)- Washington D.C. research trip 2020

This trip will always be one I cherish. This was my third trip to DC for research over the course of my college career but there was just something about this one being possibly my last trip as a college student, which made it a little bittersweet. Although I have applied to a Ph.D. program here in Missouri, nothing is set in stone- and so we wait, trust God, and keep swimming.

In a month or so, the thesis project I have worked so hard on for the last three years comes to a close and with it, quite possibly this entire chapter of my life. And although it has been filled with trial after trial, long nights, stress, and anxiety, it was and always will be 1,000% worth it.

I hope you enjoy this short video of our trip- mostly just the fun parts as I spared you the hours of footage per day we spent in the National Archives research center covered in 1860s dust and dirt. This was truly a trip to remember (and not just because we rode electric scooters all over D.C.- but it didn’t hurt). Also, I caught influenza A on our way home so I definitely won’t be forgetting that. NYC was not the place to be during flu season but hey, you live and you learn.

EDIT- Adding this for prosperity- little did we know a month after I was sick with both influenza A and B, NYC was shut down due to COVID. I’m sure I had COVID. Scary!

❤ Webster

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